About us

Living Mediterranean means embracing simple food made from fresh, natural ingredients – but it also means connecting with friends and family around the table. We take the core ingredients of the Mediterranean palette and give them a modern spin that’ll keep you and yours coming back.

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The Past

From our beginnings in Birmingham, Alabama, to our current home in Plano, Texas, Zoës Kitchen has grown to include more than 250 restaurants and thousands of team members across the country. Each and every one of us remains committed to one goal above all: treating you to fresh-made Mediterranean flavors and great experiences each and every day.

The Future

We’re just getting started. Learn more about the next chapter as we join together with CAVA – a leading Mediterranean culinary brand that shares the same passion for creating bold, craveable meals and exceptional guest experiences. Our commitment to quality and to you, our guest, will always be number one. And we’re incredibly thankful for all of your passion and support.